Thursday, March 25, 2010

Live Journal Sketch Dump

Seeing if I like this blog format better than Live Journal, posting up my favorite sketches from there to here to experiment with all these settings.

These are way old now, concept art for when I was redesigning Verdan. The bowlcut is staying, despite my cowriter's better judgement. I think it adds to his evil. Originally he had an obsession with hair and had grown it exceptionally long but it's way too girly for this dude. Besides, God frowns on hippies. Or something. His nose has evolved a bit since here, I've generally been aiming for an Edward Norton look after this shit.

Some development sketches of Uesse the Nameless when he was a wee lad and growing up. He still enjoys rabbit butchering even as an old man. And some more Verdan crept in there because you can't have Uesse without Verdan lurking in the shadows.
Cecil doodle whiel trying to warm up to nib pens. My dad gave me a long to-do about how m paper sucked and I needed fancy vellum. But we do not own said vellum and I have no money so I'M DOIN' THE BEST I CAN.
I seriously need to color this pic of Billy. It makes me smile.

And I think that's enough doodles for now until I get a better hang of this system. X)

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